Learn how our programs are making a difference.

Humane Education Classes - Stop Dog Fighting and Animal Cruelty, provide hands on opportunities to build compassion and empathy and raise social awareness.

Pet Responsibility Classes - Keep pets in home by educating current/future owners. Spay and Neuter education, personal responsibility, compassion building, anti-bullying.

Dog Training - Reduce the number of dog bites / increase dog retention. Keep dogs in home. Decrease bite risk by teaching pet safety to children.

Pawsitive Reading Program - Increase reading and sight word fluency. Teaches kids confidence in reading and includes therapeutic interactions with dogs.

FREE Park Trainings - Keep pets in home with appropriate resources, safer public pet behavior, spay and neuter education. Teens volunteer for community service hours.

Pet CARE-a-van - Provide supplies and resources to help create safe, secure, and healthy pets. Provide community resource referrals as needed.

Pet Food Bank - Provide food and supplies for pet owners in need, youth groups volunteer for community service hours. Offer community resource referrals as needed.

Teen Center - A safe place for teens to learn advocacy and become engaged leaders within their community. Provides peer to peer interaction, public speaking and empathy building in practice.

Teacher's PET - Teens receive skill building opportunities, reading/ writing, literacy development, social and emotional development while training foster dogs, making them more adoptable. Provides a tangible locus of control as participants are responsible for a 6 week progression.

Pet Safety - Reduce the number of preventable dog bites among youth, adults, disabled and elderly populations. Youth are involved in delivering many of these presentations.