Toledo's PET Bull Project is committed to outcomes because we are serious about making a difference for the pets and people that we serve. Each program has been strategically designed and is regularly evaluated to ensure that it is making an impact for our mission. Programs that do not make a measurable impact are adjusted or replaced with programs that are more effective. Measuring impact is the cornerstone of our organization and our supporters have direct access to our "Outcome Plan"; an open-source plan for fulfilling our mission.

What we measure...

Primary Measures

  • Number of Reported Dog Abuse and Dog Neglect Cases in the area we serve
  • Number of reported dog bite cases
  • Dog fighting related crime
  • Area Teen Violence/Crime
  • Local Teen Graduation Statistics
  • Local Teen Employment Statistics
  • Number of dogs given to shelter
  • Number of dogs adopted from shelter
  • Number of dogs spayed/neutered and dog populations

Indicator Measurements

  • Number of Dogs Trained
  • Attendance at Teen Center
  • Program Attendance
  • Program Evaluations
  • Teens Reached
  • Owners Reached

We regularly evaluate data both individually and collectively. Some of the data we collect are indicators (such as number of dogs trained) to a more meaningful outcome such as reducing neglect and abuse. Each program has individual evaluations to measure how successfully it is impacting the efforts of the organization as a whole. 

2017 Outcomes